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Related article: Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 16:29:30 +0000 From: alfredo garcia Subject: After a drunken night, part 1. (revised version)Yesterday I drank too much and today have a monumental headache and with it a brutal desire of sex; to eat and to be eaten.As I sit here motionless, staring into space, my sodden mind lapses back to adolescence. I see myself completely nude, in the arms of a man. He caresses me and smiles but I self consciously lower my eyes from his gaze. I am draped languidly on his lap, my head upon his broad chest. His left hand holds me and his right hand caresses my tender nipples, my thighs, my testicles. I shiver as he lightly touches my erect penis. He whispers in my ear, My beautiful boy. My love. and I feel the hardness of his penis through the cloth of his trousers. I slip my right hand under his shirt and tentatively touch the hair of his broad chest.I am thrilled yet engulfed, surrounded, overwhelmed by his presence. My happiness is his happiness, my pleasure is his pleasure, and my love is his love. He strokes my cheek and my neck. My body craves the caresses of his hands. His fingers raise my chin, compelling me to look in his eyes. They penetrate deep down to my soul possessing it. His desire, secures me, calms me and makes a light inside me glow. Yet I should fear a force so powerful as this. I bring my lips to his mouth as his hand strokes my cheek. For this instant in time there is not doubt he loves me. His lips are warm and moist lips but mine feel cold and dry drained by the tumult that grip me. The tip of his tongue lubricates the entrance, he kisses me softly and I feel spasms in my penis.He draws back and looks at me, again. I blush and lower my eyes, his hands return to caress my nude body, my chest, my legs and to gently comb my modest pubic hair. My penis is so erect it aches. The heat and potency of his body inflames me.Now he slips away from me but his eyes hold me still. He stands and slowly undresses. I admire his magnificent body and his beautiful penis full with anticipation of me. He bends down and his arms encircle me. Naked he takes me up and lays me on the bed, then lies down beside me on his back. His eyes close as if dreaming. His arms stretch above his head, legs bent and so slightly separated. What is he expecting of me? If anybody knows what I must do, please tell me.Now the headache breaks back into my consciousness. How could I have drunk so much last night? I went to bed very late and today I had to be up early. Now, in my office, and I cannot sleep, nor can I masturbate. How can I soothe my pounding brain?A new scene floods into my mind digging deeper but from that same lost lode. I am in a large and noble room; extravagant carpets cover the ancient wooden floor. The heavy tapestries on the walls, the fine furniture and the marble fireplace all whisper wealth and privilege. Music sounds from a far room. I stand staring through a window, waiting, watching the rain outside. From the trees hang yellow leaves like me sad and melancholic. Am I in love? I do not know. Perhaps I am not attractive. What is the object of my desire? Perhaps the girl who lives here sees only boys of her social class. We study at the same school, but I do not have a pedigree as she does. Her parents are rich and cultivated. My parents are not; I only have a scholarship. I admire her house and everything that she has. Maybe this is what I love. I have come here to bring some class notes, but she is not at home. Only her father is here.He opened the door to me after a long wait just as I was to turn away and leave. He greets me by name, to my surprise, and invites me in. He is wearing an ornate robe and he tells me he was showering. I am uncomfortable in his presence and do not dare to return his glance. He notes it and that seems to amuse him. He tells me she is not here but to wait, and that he will return. I think he is going to dress himself. As I stand staring out of the window of this grand room, my mind wanders and fixes on his naked body under the robe. I imagine his bare chest and strong muscular legs, not that of an athletic boy but a man of energy and power in the full bloom of life. His confidence and certainty draws me, but why? It is unattainable for me as it derives from generations of wealth and influence. There is danger here near such a force It disturbs me that I have these strong and unfamiliar thoughts that have made my penis erect.What turmoil in my Preteen Upskirt head, what shame if he divined my thoughts. I slip my hand into my trousers to rearrange my penis but at that same instant feel this presence at my back. Paralyzed, I want to disappear. I close my eyes and feel his arms enveloping me. Am I going Mad? Has he sensed my sadness, my Preteen Upskirt need for love? Has he seen the indifference of his daughter, and wants to console me? In an instant Preteen Upskirt my penis loses its erection, yet the rest of my body is rigid with anxiety. His arms fold around and I feel his body merging into mine. His boldness somehow calms me eases my pounding heart. He takes my arm and extracts the hand from my trousers and kisses the palm. S low surrender seals my fate as I abandon my body to his embrace. A warming flood fills my veins reanimating my body. I lean my head upon his shoulder and open my eyes and I see how the wind moves the leaves of the trees. In a few minutes the light will be gone and the darkening shadows will reign. Now light emanates only from the flames in the fireplace and the one in my soul. Let time stand still.He caresses me and speaks tender words in my ear as he slowly unbuttons my shirt and draws it from my trousers. One of his hands caresses my chest as he kisses my neck. I feel my penis once more becoming erect. The tips of his fingers find my nipples and make them hard. Some seed buried deep inside me germinates and grows, nourished by knowing his desire. It is not just any man but this strong, clever, important man with a splendid house, an elegant wife and beautiful daughter. Willingly I let him remove off my shoes and undress me. Yes, I let him do that, and am ready to do whatever he wants. I have no fear that he will harm me for there is truth in his touch. I am aware that this moment will change my life in way I cannot comprehend. I do not question but only know that it was meant to be.His robe had fallen open and his nude body brushes smooth against my back, his hard penis against my buttocks. I fell a caress on my inner thigh and another on my cheeks and lips. He whispers in my ear telling me that I am handsome and smart and that I must not be concerned that I do not have a girl. One such as his daughter cannot judge. He says he thinks of me often, and that he wants to be near me, to teach me about the world, to kiss me, to adore me. He says my sad eyes beg for love. He admires my body and predicts I will be one very good athlete. He tells me that my feelings of this moment are natural for intelligent boys of my age. This happened to him when he was young, he assures me, and it is the happiest memory of his life.With this said he turns me to face him and raises my chin, and obliges me to look him straight at his eyes. As I look him I know what he says is so. Then he envelops our two nudes bodies in his robe; our penises touch, I embraced his waist and caress his chest with my cheek. It is so silky and warm. I smile up at him and bring my lips to his.Touch me if you like, do not be shy, he tells me. I timidly explore his torso, his back, his neck, his legs, but I do not dare to touch his penis but he takes my hand and wraps it round his sex. Do you like me? he asks. Both my eyes and my hand answer him as my fingers feel the smoothness of his shaft and by this am empowered to seek the source of his masculinity. I feel the curving roundness of his testicles and satin slickness of his scrotal sack. My hand presses our penises together in their own warm embrace. His is much larger than mine and it takes the two of hands to hold them. He then kisses me again, but now with lustful urgency. He slips his tongue in my mouth and I feel my imminent orgasm. He also is at the edge. Both our penises pulse at the same instant and spill their seed in silent spasms as my tongue wrestles with his. In the dying moments of passion our mouths cannot suppress a sigh of hopeless agony. It escapes from the depths of our being and fills this beautiful house. If you like this story please write me
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